BIT's 14th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology
★ Scientific Program
BIT's 14th Annual Congress of
International Drug Discovery Science & Technology-2016

Theme: Olympic Campaign of Drug Innovation

Time: November 16-19, 2016

Venue: Nanjing, China
Plenary Chapter 3: Frontier of Drug Discovery Science & Technology
Forum 3-1 Forum 3-2 Forum 3-3 Forum 3-4 Forum 3-5 Forum 3-6
Chapter 4: Practice and Drug Innovation
Forum 4-1 Forum 4-2 Forum 4-3 Forum 4-4 Forum 4-5 Forum 4-6


Forum 3-1: Frontiers of Drug Discovery Biosciences

Section 3.1.1: Drug Discovery at the Cell Biology Level
Section 3.1.2: Drug Discovery at the Cellular Molecular Level
Section 3.1.3: Drug Discovery at the Digital Level
Section 3.1.4: Drug Discovery at the Pharmacological Level
Section 3.1.5: Drug Discovery at the Toxicological Level
Section 3.1.6: Drug Discovery at the Plant/Animal Level
Section 3.1.7: Drug Discovery at the Known Drug Level



Session 606: Drug Discovery at the Digital Level
Day 2: Afternoon, Thursday, November 17, 2016
Venue: Room No. 802, 8th Floor, Nanjing International Youth Conference Hotel
Chair: Dr. Ye Che, Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, USA
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15:40-15:45 Chairs Introduction
15:45-16:05   Title: Covalent Inhibitors as an Approach for Challenging Targets
Dr. Ye Che,
Senior Principal Scientist, Pfizer, USA
16:05-16:25 Title: Watson Discovery Advisor for Life Science
Dr. Shenghua Bao,
Manager, IBM Watson Health, USA
16:25-16:45 Title: Novel Paradigms in Ligand Based Drug Discovery
Dr. Michael Shapiro, Associate Professor, University of Maryland Baltimore, USA
16:45-17:05   Title: A Summary of the Latest Developments in Biotechnology
Dr. Jeanann S. Boyce,
Professor, Montgomery College, Maryland, USA
17:05-17:25 Title: Big Data Analytics for Precision Medicine
Dr. Max He,
Vice President, BioSciKin Co., Ltd, China
17:25-17:45 Title: An e-health Intervention for Increasing Diabetes Knowledge in African Americans
Dr. Mahaman L. Moussa,
Assistant Professor, Walden University, USA
17:45-18:05 Title: OneLife, Growing Innovation Together
Dr. Vanessa  Douet-Vannucci, Scientific Project Manager, Onelife, France
18:05-18:30 Social Hour


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