BIT's 15th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology - 2017 (IDDST-2017)
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The 15th Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology - 2017 (IDDST-2017) will be held during November 9-11, 2017, in Xi'an, China, which aims to promote international exchanges for drug discovery, and to accelerate the cooperation for new drug research and development in the global market. IDDST-2017 will feature talks on the cutting edge of the discipline that include new compounds, targets, drug design, synthesis methods and technologies that advance the science from leaders in the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic spaces.

Program at a Glance

Track 1: Drug Discovery at the Cellular Molecular Level
Track 2: Drug Discovery at the Basic Sciences
Track 3: Drug Discovery at the Pharmacological/Toxicological/Pathological Level
Track 4: Innovative Drug Discovery Technology
Track 5: New Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals Discovery
Track 6: Glamorous Nature Products and Traditional Chinese Medicine
Track 7: Challenges and Solutions of Drug Delivery
Track 8: Practice and Drug Innovation
Track 9: Me-too to Me-Better Drug R & D and Biosimilars
Track 10: Clinical Trials, Market and Policy
Track 11: Medicinal Chemistry and Drug Discovery

Renowned Speakers of IDDST-2017
Dr. Stefan Gluck, Vice President, Global Medical Affairs, Early Assets, Celgene Corporation; Professor, Division of Hematology Oncology, Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center, USA Dr. Qun Dang, Asia Head, External Innovation for Diabetes & CV, Eli Lilly and Company, China
Dr. David J. Madge, Project Director, WuXi Apptec Inc., UK Dr. Zhuo Li, General Manager of Greater China, NanoTemper Technologies, China
Dr. Alexey Rak, Head, Bio Structure and Biophysics, Integrated Drug Discovery, Sanofi R & D, France Dr. Peter Dandliker, Director, Affinty Screening & Preclinical Pharmacology, Merck Research Laboratories, USA
Dr. Boris Nemzer, Sr. Director of R & D and QA, FutureCeuticals, Inc.; Adjunct Professor, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, USA Dr. Kiyoshi Nokihara, CEO and CSO, HiPep Laboratories, Japan; CEO, PIPLS Pharme Inc., Japan; Professor, Nanjing Medical University, China
Dr. Lidia Cappellina, Head of R & D Outsourcing Management, Chiesi Farmaceutici S.p.A., Italy Dr.Teresa M. Brodniewicz, President / Scientific & Business Development Director, MTZ Clinical Research Sp. z o.o., Poland
Dr. Jean-Claude  G. Bunzli, Professor, EPFL / HKBU, Switzerland Dr. Wen-Jinn Liaw, Vice Superintendent, Tung’s Taichung MetroHarbor Hospital; Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, National Defense Medical Center. President, Society of Emergency & Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan
Dr. Michal Hocek, Professor, Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry CAS, Czech Republic Dr. Georgia Z. Chen, Professor, Emory University, USA
Dr. Mark G. Papich, Professor, College of Veterinary Medicine, North Carolina State University, USA Dr. Josef Jampilek, Professor of Medicinal Chemistry, Comenius University, Slovakia
Dr. Christopher R. Triggle, Professor, Cornell Medicine in Qatar, Qatar Dr. Giovanni Dondi Dall’Orologio, Professor and Director, University of Bologna, Italy
Dr. Francis Choy, Professor and Undergraduate Advisor, University of Victoria, Canada Dr. Jun Li, Vice Dean, South-Central University for Nationalities, China
说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\5.bmp Dr. Yuh-Fun Maa, Senior Principal Engineer, Genentech, USA 说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\7.bmp Dr. Thorsten Lamla, Principal Scientist, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\12121.bmp Dr. Robert A. Freeman, Professor and Vice Chair of Research, University of Maryland Eastern Shore, USA 说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\23.bmp Dr. Rakesh Ranjan, Executive Medical Director, Charak Clinical Research Center; President / CEO, Charak Center for Health and Wellness; USA
说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\1.bmp Dr. John S. Foster, President, Owl biomedical, Inc, USA 说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\1.bmp Dr. Thomas Hogberg, Senior Advisor<, Mind the Byte, Denmark
说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\1.bmp Dr. Edwin Bolke, Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, Heinrich Heine University, Germany 说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\1.bmp Dr. Kenso Soai, Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science, Japan
说明: C:\Documents and Settings\zhangyu\桌面\IMG_8646_Ver2.jpg Dr. Tsuneomi Kawasaki, Professor, Department of Applied Chemistry, Tokyo University of Science, Japan 说明: Dr. Joao A Osso Junior, Head, Radioisotope Products and Radiation Technology Section, International Atomic Energy Agency, Austria
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Scenery of Xi'an

Xi'an was one of the most important cradles of Chinese civilization. The famous "Silk Road" that linked China with central Asia and the Roman Empire starts in Xi'an in the east. The city served as the first capital of a unified China and capital of 11 dynasties periodically from the 11th century BC to the early 10th century A.D. Xi'an, or Chang'an as it was called in ancient times, is known as the city of "Everlasting Peace."

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World High Technology Society (WHTS)

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Society of Emergency & Critical Care Medicine, Taiwan

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