IDDST-2024 (Europe)

The Annual Congress of International Drug Discovery Science & Technology (IDDST), initiated from 2003, has been successfully organized in Shanghai (China), Beijing (China), Shenzhen (China), Nanjing (China), Haikou (China), Suzhou (China), Xi’an (China), Gyeonggi (South Korea), Osaka (Japan), Boston (USA), Kyoto (Japan), Tokyo (Japan) and Amsterdam (the Netherlands) and has attracted more than 10000 participants from over 50 countries and regions in the previous 19 years. The 20th IDDST (Europe) will be held during June 17-19, 2024 at Budapest, Hungary. It continues to expand with magnificent scientific and social programs to maximize your network in a free communication meeting environment.


● Learn Global Market Trends for Drug Discovery
● Organize up to 150+ Oral Presentations on the Latest Trend
● 200+ Attendees to Exchange Ideas and Build New Networks
● Bring together 20+ Exhibitors and Posters on New Development
● Opportunities to Visit the local Natural and Cultural Landscapes

Keynote Speakers of 2024
Dr. Laszlo Takacs,
Professor, University of Debrecen; CEO/CSO Biosystems Immunolab Zrt, Hungary; Foreign Member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Dr. Alexey Rak,
Head of Bio Structure and Biophysics, Sanofi R & D, France
Dr. Stefan Platz,
SVP & Global Head Clinical Pharmacology & Safety Sciences, AstraZeneca, USA
Dr. Aram Oganesian,
Vice President, Clinical Pharmacology & NonClinical Development, Astex Pharmaceuticals, USA
Dr. Mary Pat Moyer,
Founder, CEO and Chief Science Officer, INCELL Corporation LLC, USA; Fellow, National Academy of Engineering
Dr. Tim Hirst,
Chairman & CEO, GPN Vaccines Ltd, Australia
Renowned Speakers of 2024

Dr. Sandor Szabo,
Founding Dean & Professor, School of Medicine, American University of Health Sciences, USA
Dr. Nanduri R. Prabhakar,
Harold Hines Jr. Professor of Medicine, University of Chicago, USA
Dr. Virginia Savova,
Senior Director, Global Head of Single-cell Biology, Sanofi, USA
Dr. Gilbert Glady,
President, EBMA Europe, France
Dr. Matthias Birkhoff,
Vice President, Aptar Pharma, USA
Dr. Robert Lowery,
President & CEO, BellBrook Labs, USA
Dr. Mark S McAlister,
Director of Biophysics, AstraZeneca, UK
Dr. Adel K El-Naggar,
Professor, The University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, USA
Dr. Dennis Paul,
Professor, LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans, USA
Dr. Robert F. Halliwell,
Professor, School of Pharmacy, University of the Pacific, USA
Dr. Faz Chowdhury,
CEO and Chairman, Nemaura Pharma Limited, UK
Dr. Philippe Lechat,
Pharmacology Emeritus Professor, Paris city University, France
Dr. James Wai Kuo Shih,
Senior Advisor, Xiamen Innovax Biotech Co., Ltd., China
Dr. Florian Montel,
Head of Open Science, Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Dr. Ruolan Han,
Vice President, Nonclinical and Translational Research, OncoNano Medicine, Inc., USA
Dr. Kathleen M Smith,
Senior Principal Research Scientist, IMM Computation Biology, AbbVie, USA
Dr. Arpad Szallasi,
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Dr. Eyal Talor,
Chief Scientific Officer, CEL-SCI Corporation, USA
Mr. Sarath Chandar,
Chief Scientific Officer, SPI Pharma, USA
Dr. Dongling Ma,
Professor, INRS – EMT; Canada Research Chair (Tier 1) in Advanced Functional Nanocomposites, Canada
Dr. James Dodgson,
Associate Principle Scientist, R&D Oncology, Biologics Engineering, AstraZeneca, UK
Dr. Karel Smetana,
Professor, Charles University, Czech Republic
Dr. Roger Scherrers,
Head of Analytical Service, Waters, Wyatt Technology, Germany
Dr. Lars Neumann,
Director Discovery Solutions, Proteros Biostructures GmbH, Germany
Dr. France Carrier,
Professor, University of Maryland, Baltimore, USA
Dr. Jing Li,
Professor of Oncology, Wayne State University, USA
Dr. Ravi V. Durvasula,
Chair, Division of Infectious Diseases, Mayo Clinic, USA
Dr. Markus Klapper,
Senior Scientist, Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany
Dr. Charu Gautam,
Hon Professor of Clinical Pharmacology, Gujarat University, India
Dr. Justus Gross,
Head of Vascular Surgery, Rostock University Medical Center, Germany
Dr. Pal Pacher,
Lab Head, NIAAA, National Institutes of Health, USA
Dr. Jae Moon Lee,
President, FAScinate Therapeutics, USA
Dr. Misuzu Kurokawa-Seo,
Professor, Kyoto Sangyo University, Japan
Dr. Madhumita Chatterjee,
Group Leader, University Hospital Tubingen, Germany
Dr. Kenji Sasaki,
Gastroenterologist, Midtown Medicare Clinic, Japan
Dr. Arun Uthayashankar,
Director, Transplant Anesthesiology, Tufts University School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Leandro Castellano,
Head of Department of Biochemistry and Biomedicine, University of Sussex, UK
Dr. Tamas Hegedus,
Professor, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Dr. Rebeca Ruiz,
Principal Scientist, Pion Inc., UK
Dr. Jie Zheng,
Professor and Department Chair, The University of Akron, USA
Dr. Nicolai Doliba,
Research Associate Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA
Dr. Sabrina Martucci Johnson,
President and CEO, Dare Bioscience, USA
Dr. Andrzej Pilc,
Professor, Institute of Pharmacology, Polish Academy of Sciences, Poland
Dr. Hubert Pellikaan,
Owner, Nextstep Pharma BV; Co-Founder, DriPel BV, the Netherlands
Dr. Mahmood Moshiri,
President and CEO, Next Pharma Inc., Canada
Dr. James A Stones,
Patent Attorney, Beck Greener LLP, UK
Dr. Catherine Jewell,
Patent and Trade Mark Attorney, Beck Greener LLP, UK
Dr. Sergey Suchkov,
Professor in Immunology & Medicine, MGUPP, Russia
Mr. Thomas Ko,
CTO, BioLingus GmbH, Switzerland
Dr. Robert T. Chatterton, Jr.
Professor, Northwestern University, USA
Dr. Tomas Komprda,
Professor, Mendel University in Brno, Czech Republic
Dr. Petr Maly,
Head of Laboratory of Ligand Engineering, Institute of Biotechnology of Czech Academy of Sciences, Czech Republic
Dr. Pingsheng Hu,
CEO, Sinorda Biomedicine, China
Dr. Mohamed Al-Ibrahim,
Senior Physician Investigator, Pharmaron CPC; Adjunct Professor of Medicine, University of Maryland, School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Gitanjali Srivastava,
Associate Professor, Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Pedro J. Caraballo,
Associate Professor, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science, USA
Dr. Ya Ha,
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Yale School of Medicine, USA
Dr. Wilfried Schupp,
Senior Lecturer, Friedrich Alexander University, Germany
Dr. Csaba Hetenyi,
Reader/Associate Professor, Medical School, University of Pecs, Hungary
Dr. Hanzhou Feng,
Associate Principal Scientist, Merck & Co., Inc., USA
Ms. Jenny Lin,
Dr. Gerhard M. Kostner,
Professor, Medical University of Graz, Austria
Dr. Chrisostomos Prodromou,
Senior Lecturer, University of Sussex, UK
Dr. Fujian Song,
Professor, Faculty of Medicine & Health Science, University of East Anglia, UK
Dr. Devinder K Dhawan,
Professor, Department of Biophysics, Panjab University, India
Dr. Gary Edward Wild,
Professor, Division of Gastroenterology, McGill University Health Centre, Canada
Dr. Ramona Pap,
Senior Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of Pecs, Hungary
Dr. Tony B. D’Assoro,
Associate Professor of Pharmacology, Mayo Clinic Cancer Center, USA
Dr. Jingchun Fan,
Associate Professor, Gansu University of Chinese Medicine, China
Hosting Organizations
World High Technology Society
Dalian Biteomics, Inc.
Congress Chairmen

Dr. Laszlo Takacs,
Professor, University of Debrecen; CEO/CSO Biosystems Immunolab Zrt, Hungary

Dr. Arpad Szallasi,
Professor, Faculty of Medicine, Semmelweis University, Hungary
Supporting Organization

Budapest Convention Bureau

TargetEx Ltd, Hungary
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